High Park Community Alliance


High Park tenants are currently facing two development proposals that will drastically change our neighbourhood if they are approved.

In addition to the two Grenadier Square towers about to get underway on the west side of High Park Avenue, another seven towers and two clusters of townhouses are intended to be crammed into the two blocks between High Park Avenue and Oakmount Avenue.

The number of apartment towers on the three sites the developers own will increase from 9 to 18 and the number of apartment units from 2,366 to 4,642. Maximum building height will increase from 63.4 metres to 126.1 metres – 39 storeys.

These increases in height and density are egregious and in every way exceed the policies and guidelines of the City of Toronto’s Official Plan. The bigger issue, however, will be the irreparable harm to the character of our neighbourhood.

In their unenlightened pursuit of short-term profit, the developers will eliminate virtually all of the existing open space, green space, and forest canopy that have made the attractive, park-like concept of our neighbourhood so successful and desirable for over 50 years. Our quality of life will be changed. Forever.

What can you do?

A group of concerned tenants and area residents has been formed to oppose these proposals. It is called the HIGH PARK COMMUNITY ALLIANCE and it has a website www.highparkcommunityalliance.com that outlines how it hopes to defeat these proposals.

The HPTA Executive strongly endorses the High Park Community Alliance. We encourage you to check out its website to see how you can help with either your time or money.